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Bottles that make a clear impression

This year, Serbian mineral water producer and distributor Knjaz Miloš has come up with not one, but two innovative bottle designs, with both the eponymous Knjaz Miloš water and Aqua Viva mineral water sporting brand new glass packaging.

[more...] 03.10.2016

Fresh from the glass

FRUXI’s fruit- and vegetable-based beverages reflect the true flavours of nature. They are packaged in green glass bottles made at Vetropack’s Slovakian plant.

[more...] 19.09.2016

A drop-shaped water bottle

The new mineral water bottle for Kropla Délice, which is sold in Poland and produced by Vetropack Moravia Glass in the Czech Republic, echoes the simplicity, minimalism, clarity and elegance of a crystal-clear drop of water.

[more...] 05.09.2016

Lime and mint

A flint glass bottle made by Vetropack Gostomel shows off the bright green Villa Bianca liqueur to excellent effect. This aromatic, fruity spirit is a new
addition to the existing range of products on offer.

[more...] 22.08.2016

Legendary beer

For its new product range, the Swiss Adler brewery in Schwanden, in the canton of Glarus, is drawing on the world of legends. “Vrenelisgärtli” is a naturally cloudy wheat beer with a fruity flavour. The amber glass bottles are made at the Vetropack glassworks in Kremsmünster.

[more...] 08.08.2016

A taste of childhood

Vetropack’s Italian plant in Trezzano sul Naviglio produces flint glass bottles for Baladin soft drinks, including the orange-coloured Baladin Ginger.

[more...] 25.07.2016

An ideal accompaniment for pizza

The Ukrainian wine market is welcoming a new addition – a fine wine in a small but perfectly formed package that tastes great with pizza. This Pizzavino is produced by Kotnar and comes in 0.375 litre bottles made by Vetropack Gostomel.


Bottles that make a clear impression
Fresh from the glass
A drop-shaped water bottle
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